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About us

About Us

HM Serwis is a top quality Polish recruitment agency.

Was established in the North-Western Poland in Szczecin (Stettin) in 2005. We have gained the experience as a professional recruitment company supporting number of foreign companies with the staff matching exactly the needs of the employer.

The Polish Ministry of Labour recognized HM Serwis as an official recruitment agency and awarded it with a proper certificate.

The long history of success is marked with providing foreign companies with temporary and permament workers.

Thanks to our large database, with its wide range of potential employees, we are able to provide a comprehensive package regarding the recruitment and provision of personnel, working abroad. HM Serwis is the answer to your recruitment need, from students and semi-skilled to top highly qualified professions. 
HM Serwis is the solution you are looking for!

HM Serwis Sp. z o.o.
Al. Wojska Polskiego 62
70-477 Szczecin
Tel/fax +48 91 484 0754, +48 509 824 843
e-mail: biuro@hmserwis.pl
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